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My name is Prathamesh Sable. Just a normal boy with full of life. I love to enjoy my life to the fullest. I have always been a happy go lucky boy. I am into a corporate company working into Data Analytics(MIS) & Data Warehousing.


Along with that; i have been more passionate about the nature things around me. So I go explore the nature, places to explore the world & the communities. The Idea about creating this website is more towards a sharing of my personal as well as professional experience. There are a lot of things that I will share from my Motorcycle Riding experience, Videos, Professional Career (Business Intelligence Dashboards, Blogs), Social content, Images, travel information. There is nothing commercially involved in this site just the idea is to bring a lot of things together. Later I can also have users contribute to the site if they are interested.


Along with that i am a die hard fan of music; especially Trance & Electro House

I am strong cause I know my weaknesses, I'm a lover cause I'm a fighter, I am wise cause I've been foolish and I laugh cause I've known sadness.

# I have a very good memory. 
# Most important, I can remember how I thought and viewed the world when I was a kid. This keeps me sane, and dangerous. 
# My mom says when I was a little kid I could get absorbed for hours in some little thing. Then I had to go to school, from which I am still recovering. 
# The first book I read by myself was Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl, at age five. To this day, I have the value system of Fantastic Mr. Fox. 
# I consider myself at the core of Generation X: I was 2 when Sesame Street started, almost 10 when Star Wars came out, and 15 when MTV got big. 
# I'm descended from some of the first French people to come to Canada, and some Irish and Germans who came more recently, and a few Algonquins who came much earlier. 
# I could easily pass for a quarter Indian, but it's more like a thirtieth. Somehow those genes came through strong. 
# The nicest thing about growing up in the upper middle class is that now I have no desire to live that way again. Sometimes people who grow up poor have to waste their lives finding that out.

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