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COVID-19 Dashboard

Welcome to COVID-19 Pandemic dashboard. This dashboard covers all the data coming in from John Hopkins University to track COVID-19 across the entire world. You can click on any tabs on the left to gain access to different sections of the dashboard. Refreshed daily and gives the up to date data of cases across the globe

Inventory Report

This is a sample of the Stock Inventory report which covers different KPIs such as Stock Quantity, Stock Value, Stock Trends, Stocks by Manufacturers, Stocks for different projects, and many more. Have a look at it by yourself & let me know in case you have any comments suggestions. 

Premier League Dashboard

All Premier League Fans, check this out. A customized PL dashboard. The dashboard comprises of all upcoming matches. Hover over the map & you see the stadium image and next fixture. Fantasy points (by player position GK, FWD, MID, FW) top scorers, assists, clean sheets, top fantasy points, player value. League table, top goal scorers, previous match results & many more

Portfolio at Risk (PAR) Dashboard

Welcome to PAR dashboard. This dashboard gives a overall performance of a respective Portfolio which is at Risk on Loans. Its mostly covers a set of KPIs such as stats, trends, MAP View. Click on any buttons on top right will direct you to the respective pages

Call Centre Dashboard

Welcome to Contact centre dashboard which is generally used across all the contact centres across the Housing domain. This dashboard gives an overview performance of the customer contact centre along with the Major KPIs covered and Agent as well as service level performance. Hope you like it

Vehicle Tracking

This was done in order to tracker vehicles such as Uber which gives the data points on a regular second basis. This is just an example of how it could work

Linkedin Sales Navigator Dashboard

Have you ever wondered you can directly connect your Linkedin Sales Navigator to PowerBI. This dashboard gives you a direct plug and play for your Linkedin Sales Navigator by showcasing important KPIs such as Searches, Saved Leads, InMails, SSI, and many more...

GitHub Dashboard

Now you can directly connect your Github account to PowerBI to have a automated stunning dashboard.

This dashboard gives you a direct plug and play for your GIT account by showcasing important Commits, New Additions, Deletions, Contributors, Pull Requests. Have a look yourself here.

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