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Learn a lot of concepts on Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. Over 14 years of rich experience in this area, we will help you learn how you can create your BI solution and maintain, improvise, enhance your existing solutions. Specialized in Microsoft PowerBI we can consult you in regards to any challenges that you face during execution, publishing, or creation of your PowerBI dashboards. With Pursuing Data Science certification, we are also currently in a learning process of Data Science & Analytical implementation approach.

Consulting will help you in understanding and learning a lot of areas on how widely PowerBI is used within the organizations to create dynamic & interactive reports. Furthermore, it can help you address the below areas: 

  •  Planning and Design - Need support in developing your; data architecture, business requirements, or dashboard design. We can help you develop your strategy, and prepare your infrastructure to implement Microsoft Power BI

  • Dashboard creation and deployment - We can help you; model your data; create and deploy dashboards, and build content packs to share with the rest of your team.

  • Training - Microsoft Power BI Training course will make novices users competent with Power BI in one day.

  • Support and Maintenance -We can help you maintain your Power BI solution. Whether you have a quick question or a problem that needs solving – our consultation is here to help. 

BI solution architecture in the Center of Excellence


White papers for Power BI (Something I always like to keep handy)

Microsoft Certification
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